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Rottles Rottweiler/poodle cross[ Rottle pups available now ]

Welcome to Manor Rottles,  UPDATED 2/8/2015

Lost my phone and lost my contacts please call me back at 973-697-8896 to touch base, Thank you

 No puppies at this time.

Regarding any future litters:  2015

Pups will be $1500.

A non-refundable deposit of $600 will be required.

I will only breed if I receive a minium of 4 deposits.

In the event you didn't receive a pup because I only produced 3, I would refund your money.This is the ONLY reason I will refund your money. I expect everyone to take a pup.

Shipping is a flat rate of $400: I need a health certificate, An Airline Approved crate, and the purchase of the ticket, also a two hour roundtrip to and from the the Airline.  It adds up.

It looks as tho I have three interested parties. I ask that you take everything into consideration before concluding to move forward.

For example:

If you are moving in the near future.

If somone in your immediate family is ill that you might have to care for.

You are waiting for a close pet of yours to die before replacing her.

If you cannot truely cover the cost of purchasing the pup. Remember I will not ship until I have payment in full. If I'm shipping your pet it's a $1900 investment.

If your expecting a child.

On my previous litter these issues came up. It's not fair to the pups. If you will be sending me a deposit I will require a Phone conversation.

 MY future litter would be out of my Breeding female Sasha her mother is my Rottweiler and her father is my Rock Hudson an Authentic Australian Labradoodle. Sasha would be bred to my Purebred Standard Poodle Phantom sire Armani.I'm sorry

No longer available I found my forever home!

Another picture of Male 1. He is going to turn out absolutely stunning. As they get older more of the markings come out he has  alot of markings on his face as well but since his coat has gotten longer the black coat has grown over his Cream face mask. Would make an outstanding family watchdog. Loves people and attention. He is neutered and ready to go home.  $1300.00 shipping available, call 973-229-1848 for more info on Rottles there temperments. First and seconds shoots are done.

MALE 1 . Sorry spoken for.

FEMALE 1 No longer available 

No longer available

     They are a gorgeous bunch! Sorry all spoken for

Female 1

Female 2

more pictures coming < sorry, my cmputer stopped working,,, to be continued

                       Sneak peek of pups

Availalble female           

Available Female                  


What will the pups Look like when they get older from this breeding. See below. This is an identical breeding. Coats are non-shedding soft flowing with maybe a touch of wave.

Contact: Corinne 973-229-1848

What this litter will look like as adults:

PAX, F1B Adult Female I produced.  Picture sent in from owners.

Cooper F1B adult Male I produced. Picture sent in from owners.

Barnum, F1B adult male. I produced.  Picture sent in from owners.

 Past puppy's sold and placed in there new homes:

Hi im a staple of this new developing breed, my breeder Corinne is devoted to producing more like me. I do not shed, my head is blockier than a poodles, and I have a smaller ear like a rotti, MY OWNER is very fortunate to own me and waited almost two years to get me , I reside in VERMONT, and live on a 300 acre farm. I"am NOT AVAILABLE ,  SEE MY SISTER BELOW!!!!

Sold F1 B's


MALE 4 , I'm a Black and Cream I am the Largest in the litter. Sorry I'm SOLD!! And in my Forever home,,

My placed pups in there homes below:

MAYA full sister to LADY sent in by her parents at the work place.

MAYA In her new home.

PAX sent in from her parents. Pax is showing off her shaved coat. Full sister to LADY And MAYA!! 

PAX sent in from her parents in full coat. Living large! SEE our Dad KuJo below.

KUJO Sire of all my pups.

This is KUJO standing at 23 inches at the shoulder. He is a F1 rottle. His first litter of F1B's is gorgeous!

I expect these pups to be all non-shedding I will have Rottie marked pups. Pups from this litter may also be Hypo-allergenic due to reinfusing the qualities of the poodle ( some of my first generation crosses came out hypo-allergenic). My poodle is a VERY sweet girl and Very Very quite. She ONLY Alert barks when strangers arrive and tends to keep her distance until she realizes I'm OK with the situation. She is a TALL standard and so does intimidate people who do not know her. I feel she has the perfect qualities I was looking for in a female. She is AKC, and UKC, registered from champion bloodlines. I feel the resulting pups will be fantastic NON-shedding watchdogs.

Thank for your interest in one of our Rottle Puppies ( Rottweiler/Poodle cross)  Rottle pups are a cross between a Rottweiler and a Poodle. They are often referred to as a Rottweiler Hybrid or a Poodle hybrid. I had the oppurtunity to breed my Rottweiler to a multi-gen Labradoodle. So this litter is not your standard Rottle (Poodle/Rottweiler cross). I infused into my litter of Rottle Pups the Labrador. The Labrador influence however is many generations back in the blood and my labradoodle does Not shed at all. Labradors are known for there very desenitized un-stimulated personalities which makes them a VERY tollerant dog. This tollerant trait is part of the reason behind the idea to use Labradors for work in therpy and assitance dogs, and is part of the temperment we have grown to love about the breed ( Labradors are considered Americas most popular breed). My Rottles have this little extra edge. Rottweilers are a motivated stimulated breed. This motivation and drive makes the Rottlweiler very motivated and driven to do something. Once given a job a Rott will get it done they are excellent learns and eager to learn more. The Rottweiler/Poodle cross will be a very Loyal driven dog that want to please there owner but at the same time will make a excellent family pet the whole family will enjoy. Rottles (Rottweiler Poodle Cross) are low to non- shedding.  On April 18 2011 at 9:45 pm. Shayna gave birth to her first Rottle pup. She then had a litter of 11 gorgeous Rottle pups!

In brief, you should know the following about us:   We have been established since 2003 and have been responsible for providing outstanding pups with the utmost care and nutrition. Our regular customers particularly value our help in providing them with the most up to date information on dog training and dog nutrition we also offer any and all who purchase a pup from us Exclusive pet sitting for  when you go away. We love to hear from our clients and are with them in raising a sound pup from the begining.

 I give a 7 day general health gaurantee along with a 1 year genetic health